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The European market has always been slow with trends and innovative skincare. The beauty industry in South Korea is always a few years ahead. Why you might ask? Koreans are some of the most demanding beauty consumers in the world, their skin standards are extremely high. But also, due to the high competition, they have to compete with the brands to stay high in the market. We all know the popular sheet masks or the cushion foundations. They create many different kinds of textures, formulations, skincare techniques, and easier applications for consumers.


Korean consumers have sensitive skin in general, so the companies strive to offer the most effective and gentle ingredients. Korean brands utilize amazing ingredients in their products, such as snail mucin, propolis, ginseng, green tea, centella asiatica. The most effective Korean ingredients are utilized from different places in South Korea, but they also make use of effective Western ingredients. All products that we sell at Dot Dot Skin are EU certified and are in CPNP which means they are thoroughly tested to be able to sell in Europe. All products that we sell are not tested on animals. 


The competition in the beauty market in South Korea is a serious deal. However,  due to this, companies are able to keep the prices of the products down, while keeping the quality of the products high. 


Due to the high competition, they have to grab consumers’ attention, it has to stand out. They do this with pleasing designs for an enjoyable user experience. Just like the floral packaging on the A. by bom sheet masks or the adorable packaging of the Jumiso sheet masks

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