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Dot Dot Skin is an online beauty store based in The Netherlands. We are an official registered company at the Chamber of Commerce under number: 73047309. Our VAT number is: NL001221435B71.

100% Authentic Products
We are the destination for high-quality, beauty products from South Korea to Europe. We work closely with the South Korean brands, all products that we sell are 100% authentic South Korean beauty products and comes from the official company or official distributors.

Cruelty-Free Only
We only sell cruelty-free Korean skincare and mostly focus on clean Korean beauty products. We always seek out products that are natural, plant-based and packed with unique ingredients. 

From South-Korea to Europe
We bring Korean beauty to Europe to let customers experience the difference. With Dot Dot Skin, we want to educate you on the Korean skincare philosophy. And because we deliver the products to your doorstep, you can discover the products yourself at home. We want to change the way people think about their skin and how they treat it. Our life has become busier every day, but we want you to reserve some me-time to rewind and relax.    

Where to buy Korean skincare in Europe? Here at Dot Dot Skin, just browse through our store and we are sure you will find something that suits your skin. We only curate the best Korean skincare products that are thoroughly tested by our team, before it will be sold here.

All products that we sell are EU certified and have CPNP certifications which means they are thoroughly tested in Europe to be able to sell within Europe.

The Korean skincare routine is a skincare lifestyle, it is a ritual that you do in the morning and evening. 

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It is created by Elisa Lee, also known as Sokobeauty. She is a Korean Beauty influencer based in The Netherlands and has been blogging about Korean beauty over 9 years. Also seen in the book "Korean Beauty Secrets". You might know her because of her signature flatlays of Korean beauty products and reviews that she shares on her instagram. She decided to create an online store that brings all her favourite South Korean brands to Europe! But also to create a bridge from South Korea to Europe so we can access it more easily. 

Elisa strongly believes that treating the skin now, will give you benefits through the years. Preventing is always better than treating it. All products are carefully selected, thoroughly tested by her as well. As she has a combination sensitive skin, the products are all gentle. But also due to her sensitive nose, all products are either light scented or don't have a scent at all. 

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"We work closely with South Korean brands and all products come from the official company. We only curate the best Korean skincare products that are thoroughly tested."

We are looking forward to see your experiences with our Korean skincare products. Feel free to contact us for any questions that you have, we would love to hear from you! You can always find us on our social media platforms: instagram, twitter and facebook. Make sure to use #DOTDOTSKIN to show your haul and when you use the products. We don't want to miss any post from you, and we would love to repost it on our page!

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