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Korean beauty is not something new, it has been popular in South Korea for a long time and a few years ago it started to pop up in stores in the US. It is slowly heading to Europe as well. You can already see sheet masks and cushion foundations in the shelves, all these products are originally from South Korea. Korean beauty might be new to you or you want to know why it is so popular, so here are 4 main reasons why you should try out Korean beauty. 

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1) Innovative Products
You have no idea how slow the European trends are compared to the ones in South Korea. As the competition is extremely high there, they are continuously trying to find "the best product" and place it in the market. Think about new formulations, new textures (like the Klairs cleanser or the blue calming cream), skincare techniques but also things to improve the usability of the products. It is endless, and some brands come with new products every 2-3 months! 


2) The most gentle ingredients
In South Korea, Korean beauty is used by men and women. The proportion of women with sensitive skin is significantly high in Seoul (68.8% had sensitive skin in 2017*) which is why Korean brands create products with very gentle ingredients. Think about aloe vera, snail mucin, centella asiatica, propolis, these are often used in Korean skincare and are very gentle ingredients for the skin. Check out the products from Purito, Pyunkangyul, By Wishtrend and Klairs with the most gentle ingredients.  

3) Good value for high quality 
Due to the high competition, it is logical that they also compete with price. You can easily purchase Korean beauty for a good value, but the quality of the products remain high. This is why so many people love K-beauty! Think about our sheet masks from Jumiso

4) Pleasing packaging
There is always a way to stand out of the crowd, packaging is one of them! The packaging of K-beauty products are often included with pleasing designs, it draws your attention, just like the sheet masks from A. by Bom

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*source: ncbi

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