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We have a new serie on Dot Dot Blog where we interview beauty bloggers who love Korean beauty! I hope you will learn more about Korean beauty this way and get inspired by these beauties! For the first interview we have invited Shia from Shiaswelt to join our first Dot Dot Interview! Shia is a well-known blogger in Germany with over 17K followers on instagram and has a large knowledge about South Korea as she has lived there for nearly 2 years! 
dotdotskin interview shiaswelt

Who is Shia? Introduce yourself....
I am 31 years old and I was born in Berlin. After the fall of the Berlin Wall we moved to Hanover where I lived until I was 11. Then we moved again to a small city called Siegen. After Living there for many years I decided to move to Seoul for nearly two years. Now i am back and living with my boyfriend in Düsseldorf – the little Tokyo of Germany.
shiaswelt dotdotskin

What do you do as fulltime job?
Blogging is my fulltime job, besides that, I study social work.

You have been in the blogging community for quite a while, since when did you start using K-beauty products?
I think that was back in 2005 when I first found out about K-Beauty. It all started with a Missha BB Cream. I loved this product so much so that I started to find more  Korean products! The experience was amazing. It was so lightweight and my skin looked so even and nice with it. SO much better than any foundation I have ever tried.

What or who inspired you to start with blogging? Did you stop with Youtube?
Actually, I don’t know what inspired me. In 2011 I felt like I should start a blog and write about beauty. Maybe because there were only fashion blogs out there? From the beginning I wanted to introduce Asian beauty products to my German followers and there was no blog I knew who did that before. Yes I stopped with Youtube. I didn’t feel comfortable in front of the camrea and felt pressured as there are so many great content creator on this plattform. Blogging is something I do enjoy more!  

Your skin looks flawless! What is your skintype? Do you have any skin concerns?  
I would say I have combination skin. Some parts are oily and some are dry. I struggle with redness and some blackheads. 

Which brand is your favourite on Dot Dot Skin and why?
COSRX always will be my no. 1 brand. The products are great and not expensive at all. Perfect for beginners. They have products for any skin concern! If you want to start the 10 step skincare routine, you will find all products from this brand. My COSRX must haves are the Cosrx One Step Original Clear Pad, Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid and Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. I repurchased all of them and still love them!

We are curious how your PM routine looks like, which products are you using?
My PM routine starts with the Banila Co. clean it zero cleansing balm to get rid of my make up. Then I use the KLAVUU pure pearlsation foam cleanser. My all time favorite toner is the Huxley secret of sahara. Then comes the COSRX snail 96 mucin essence, followed by the Innisfree green tea seed serum. Afterwards it’s time for a sheet mask – here I take what ever my skin needs at the moment. Then I use the Neogen vita duo cream for the night and finish it all off with the Huxley sleeping mask. 

shiaswelt skincare routine dotdotskin

You have tested so many Korean beauty products already, but which K-beauty product can't you live without?
It’s the Huxley Secret of Sahara Sleep Mask. I bought it 4 times already. I tried a lot sleeping packs but this is by far the best I ever had! My skin is so plump and glowy the next morning! Amazing! When my skin is irritated I use it and the next morning it is all gone! 

Do you have Instagram handles that you are obsessed with?
That’s a hard question as there are so many great instagrammers out there. But if I have to decide I would choose: @betweendots, @ponysmakeup and @mongabong.

Thank you so much Shia for this interview! We wish you all the best with your blog and instagram, definitely check her blog out at and follow her on instagram @shiaswelt if you love Korean beauty! 


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